About Us


Founded in 2023 by Cory Hamilton, DripDoc was established with the goal of creating a national IV concierge service. Specifically, the type of service that the founder, his family, and friends could use no matter where in the US that they lived or were visiting. Because no national IV therapy company existed, he decided to create the service that he wanted to be able to use.

Interested in health and wellness from a young age, Cory has been experimenting with nutrition, supplements, and other therapies to optimize his health for over a decade. He is committed to offering only the best products available to customers and, along with his wife, Genesis, have tried every single product/service that DripDoc offers or will offer.

DripDoc officially launched in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, in November 2023, serving its first customer that same month. Currently, the DripDoc mobile apps are live in the Android and iOS app stores. Customers are able to complete all steps in the native apps, from browsing services to checking out, completing intake forms, scheduling, and even chatting with their healthcare providers via the patient portal.

Driving the company and its staff is a shared belief in providing an excellent digital, clinical, and customer experience. We want customers to be so ecstatic with their experience that they become our biggest advocates, powering our growth and enabling us to expand nationally. To that end, if you feel like you have had anything less than an excellent experience, please reach out to me and I will do what I can to make it right.